Satoshiware NQ

Satoshiware NQ wants to help grow North Queensland into a Bitcoin Cash friendly community and position the region at the forefront of technology.

Our role is to provide support to business owners and their staff who want to take this exciting step into the future of peer-to-peer electronic cash payments. We also engage in community awareness and education through hosting information sessions and Bitcoin Cash Meetups.

We offer all our services free of charge.

We currently have 6 Bitcoin Cash vending machines that we will be rolling out across North Queensland. Find our first vending machine at Strand Fitness Flinders st West. This will make it much easier for you to buy Bitcoin Cash. You can also buy Bitcoin Cash using an exchange. We recommend the Australian based exchange to purchase Bitcoin Cash (ticker symbol BCH).

Satoshiware NQ understands Bitcoin Cash is the only electronic currency that has the principles to continue as a sustainable cryptocurrency into the future.

You can help us by making a Bitcoin Cash donation!


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